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Listed below are loads of links to the large number of genealogical charts and family trees that are available on the Net that can be given as anniversary, birthday, retirement etc. presents. Searching for the right one, that can be presented as a gift can take an awful long time (I know I've been there), so as my way of saying thankyou to the genealogy community who have helped me in the past, I thought I'd make a website devoted to links to family trees in all their shapes, types and sizes. It's certainly not an exhaustive list but one which I hope provides the greatest variety. It's also being constantly updated so check back often. Anyway, without further ado here are some of my 'discoveries'. Please browse and click on the pictures, they'll take you to the online store that markets the 'noveltrees' displayed.
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Velum Family Tree Velum Family Tree 'The best material on which to write family trees is vellum. This is the carefully prepared skin of calves, sheep or goats and is a writing surface which preceeds paper and was used by medieval monks for their illuminated manuscripts. Skins of vellum take much preparation and there are few companies which still produce calf, sheep and goatskin vellum. It is quite costly but it's advantages over paper are considerable...'
Family Tree Wall Hanging Family Tree Wall Hanging 'Workshop Wonders designs an artistic ceramic rendering of your family, we call the Family Tree Wall Hanging.Each familial face plaque is individually hand sculpted from rich unglazed red clay, and is approximately 6"x8" in size.We work from family photographs you provide to assure a truly unique wall hanging.'
Online Family Tree Online Family Tree 'Build your Family Tree online. A unique interactive program that is an innovative step forward in web presentation and the compilation of genealogical records. The user-friendly interface enables anyone to make records and create family trees which are sophisticated, informative and complete, without having to be a computer guru..'
Cross Stitch Tree Cross Stitch Family Tree 'Cross-stich pattern design area: 196Wx197H. The FamilyTree goes back four generations. All of the instructions are included as well as recomended Fall or Spring colors with Anchor and DMC numbers.'
Our Family Tree Print Our Family Tree Print 'A beautiful 16" x 20" print that allows five generations of family genealogy to be displayed. Printed on antique-style recycled paper, this Victorian-inspired decorative print is one that any family would proudly display. The illustrated borders are closely based on mid-19th century sources. Instructions for researching and completing the print are on the back.'
Quilt Family Tree Our Family Tree "Quilting Bee Designs specializes in original Redwork patterns. "My Family Tree" is a Redwork embroidery pattern made by a genealogist for other genealogists, who might also like embroidery. Using a simple outline or stem stitch, and two strands of floss, embroidery this Family Tree in traditional red or in nature"s own colors. Pattern design includes directions to include branches and roots for ancestors, children & grandchildren."
Custom Made Tree Custom Made Family Tree 'You will get a CUSTOM_MADE FAMILY TREE (based on the information that you provide) printed on antique-styled parchmentpaper and set in a 11" x 14" matte, in your choice of  hunter green, burgandy or natural, ready for any standard-size frame!!'
Family Tree Family Tree 'What a wonderful and unique way to keep photos of your family. Start at the base of the tree trunk with parents & fill in the branches with different views of your children and grandchildren. Measures 48" high and 36" wide.'
Personalized Family Tree Personalized Family Tree Perdonalized family tree with photos
Mirror Family Tree Mirror Family Tree 'Green Tree, Bronze Trunk, Red Hearts are Engraved in White Script. Simply peel & stick the Mirror Hearts on the Tree.'
The Musical Family Tree Photo Bank The Musical Family Tree Photo Bank ' The Family Tree holds a 5 x 7 Family Photo or Family Photo Collage on the front side and a preprinted genealogy pedigree for your family names on the back. The coin activated music plays 'It's a Small World'. The Baby's Name, Date of Birth, Time and Weight can be recorded on the keepsake with the special pen that is included.'

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Even though you may have not visited the next page, I still hoped you liked my eclectic mix of 'noveltrees'. I would like to say that many of the above links will take you to companies that have much more to offer than just the products displayed. So go on, explore a bit more - you never know what other gift or 'noveltree' you might find. And ....oh yes, I nearly forgot -  I do not offer any endorsements nor recommendations of the above genealogy products, they are merely listed for information/entertainment purposes. There is no intent to gain financially from the sales of any of these products - what you see above are just links and nothing else.

By the way, you might like to visit my other site called Fun Genealogy Gifts. Same reasons and format as above but this time it provides loads of links to genealogy related gifts and novelties that are all humorous, comical or just plain old good fun!.Click the banner below.

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