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Listed below are loads of links to the large number of genealogical charts and family trees that are available on the Net that can be given as anniversary, birthday, retirement etc. presents. Searching for the right one, that can be presented as a gift can take an awful long time (I know I've been there), so as my way of saying thankyou to the genealogy community who have helped me in the past, I thought I'd make a website devoted to links to family trees in all their shapes, types and sizes. It's certainly not an exhaustive list but one which I hope provides the greatest variety. It's also being constantly updated so check back often. Anyway, without further ado here are some of my 'discoveries'. Please browse and click on the pictures, they'll take you to the online store that markets the 'noveltrees' displayed.
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Heraldry Tree Heraldry Family Tree 'Left to right layouts, tree shaped charts, circular or semi-circular designs and single lines of descent are also possible. The best quality papers, vellum or parchment will be used for your chart.'
Matboard Tree
Family Tree on Matboard with Photographs
Family Tree on Matboard with Photographs
Colourful Tree Colourful Little Tree You can add small photos to this cute, colorful little tree and take it with you in a sheet protector. You'll like this one! Measures 8 1/2" x 11".
FamilyTrees .cc Your Family Tree Custom Printed! custom prints your Family Tree with the genealogical information that you provide. Beautiful custom designs ready for framing or display in sizes up to 3 ft x 20 ft. Many styles including Ancestral Family Trees, Descendant Family Trees, Lineage Society Charts, Wedding Trees and Family Reunion Charts, too! Go ahead… SHOW OFF your Family!

Family Tree Paintings Family Tree Print Designs 'Specializing in Family Tree Print Designs, preserving generations of heritage. One of the most beautiful and elegant pieces of heritage art on the market today! Great Personalized Gift!'
Engraved Family Tree Family Tree Plaque 'Family tree plaque 9 X 12". Can be engraved on glass or acrylic.'
Family Tree Plaque Family Tree Plaque 'Chart your family tree on this attractive 5" x 7" engraved plaque. Custom-made in jeweler's brass and mounted on solid walnut, the plaque fits up to 12 names, with a sparkling birthstone beside each. Perfect for charting smaller families or grandchildren.'
A Family Connection A Family Connection A FAMILY CONNECTION will search thousands of genealogical databases for you to construct your family tree and unique family story. Customized Family History Book in cloth or leather album; handpainted canvas in a variety of sizes from placemat to floorcloth shows all generations with names and dates on intertwining branches of the Tree of Life.
Engraved Family Tree Engraved Family Tree 'Have your family's names and birth dates permanently engraved in gold lettering on a black plate with a beautifully designed tree. The plate is attached to a 9"x12" solid walnut, cove-edged plaque.'
Build Your Own Design Your Own Custom Tree Design your own tree online with customised backgrounds, borders and frames. Print it out, frame it or laminate it.
Family Tree Afghan Family Tree Afghan This Family Tree Afghan is 50" x 60". It is 100% cotton and embroidered with the family name at the bottom of the tree with the family member names in the hearts.'

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Even though you may have not visited the next page, I still hoped you liked my eclectic mix of 'noveltrees'. I would like to say that many of the above links will take you to companies that have much more to offer than just the products displayed. So go on, explore a bit more - you never know what other gift or 'noveltree' you might find. And ....oh yes, I nearly forgot -  I do not offer any endorsements nor recommendations of the above genealogy products, they are merely listed for information/entertainment purposes. There is no intent to gain financially from the sales of any of these products - what you see above are just links and nothing else.

By the way, you might like to visit my other site called Fun Genealogy Gifts. Same reasons and format as above but this time it provides loads of links to genealogy related gifts and novelties that are all humorous, comical or just plain old good fun!.Click the banner below.

Fun Genealogy Gifts

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