Listed below are loads of links to the large number of genealogical charts and family trees that are available on the Net that can be given as anniversary, birthday, retirement etc. presents. Searching for the right one, that can be presented as a gift can take an awful long time (I know I've been there), so as my way of saying thankyou to the genealogy community who have helped me in the past, I thought I'd make a website devoted to links to family trees in all their shapes, types and sizes. It's certainly not an exhaustive list but one which I hope provides the greatest variety. It's also being constantly updated so check back often. Anyway, without further ado here are some of my 'discoveries'. Please browse and click on the pictures, they'll take you to the online store that markets the 'noveltrees' displayed

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Family tree


'This beautiful Family Tree is engraved on a 9" x 12" brass plate. It includes up to 20 names, birthdates and birthstones and comes with the family name in the header and an inscription at the bottom. Comes complete with an 11" x 14" gold frame.
The Wedding Tree The Wedding Tree 'A beautiful tree has been screen printed on hand dyed canvas. The names of the couple, their parents and their grandparents are hand lettered to make an elegant, one-of-a-kind keepsake that will be treasured from generation to generation.'
AncesTree AncesTree 'Your Family Tree with Photographs

Beautifully mounted on a Rich Walnut Plaque...'

Heart Tree Personalized Heart Tree 'Personalize any or all of the 22 Hearts with first names. Great gift for Grandparent(s) with grandkid's names in the tree. Choose from 14 different mat colors and 5 frame styles. 11x14'
Calligraphy Tree Calligraphy by Susan Nelson 'Calligraphy by Susan Nelson makes unique handlettered family trees. Your family's genealogy - a unique handlettered creation certain to become a family treasure.'
To Be Cherished Four Generation Family Tree Family Trees - Beautiful detailed hardwoods, laser engraved displays for your Genealogy. A wonderful gift for your parents and grandparents. Four and five generations.
Family Tree Portraits Family Tree Portraits ' offers a unique way to display your family history. These beautiful family photos make a lovely gift for any special ocassion, such as Wedding Anniversaries, Special Birthdays and Christmas Presents. 
Choose to have your Family tree portrait gift wrapped for that special ocassion.

Victorian Family Tree Victorian Family Tree Print 'Designed for Victorian House by artist Lee Watson, this certificate accommodates up to five generations of family history!'
Family Tree Print Family Tree Print '..great little notebook sized tree to put in your collection. 4 generations.'
Family Tree Jigsaw Puzzle Family Tree Jigsaw Puzzle 'This is a 1000 piece puzzle that includes puzzle glue, stick-on labels (to add your family names) and instructions on how to fill out your family data. You can even add photos!'
Family Tree Quilt Family Tree Quilt 'Quilt Pattern - Our Family Tree. Create an heirloom quilt that documents your family tree. Personalize this quilt with your own family pictures and names. Use reproduction fabrics for an antique charm. This quilt measures 34" x 39". Created by: Quilting Memories, Nikki Byer.'

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Even though you may have not visited the next page, I still hoped you liked my eclectic mix of 'noveltrees'. I would like to say that many of the above links will take you to companies that have much more to offer than just the products displayed. So go on, explore a bit more - you never know what other gift or 'noveltree' you might find. And ....oh yes, I nearly forgot -  I do not offer any endorsements nor recommendations of the above genealogy products, they are merely listed for information/entertainment purposes. There is no intent to gain financially from the sales of any of these products - what you see above are just links and nothing else.

By the way, you might like to visit my other site called Fun Genealogy Gifts. Same reasons and format as above but this time it provides loads of links to genealogy related gifts and novelties that are all humorous, comical or just plain old good fun!.Click the banner below.

Fun Genealogy Gifts

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